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its almost time for me to apply for a college

i dont have a fucking clue what to do
im so unprepared
i dont know what i want to do in life and i dont know what college i want or can go to

and ive been screwing up in school
i did so bad this year that i dont even know if can go to Oregon State!
how fucking sad is that??!

i mean i know i can do better next year but that might be too late

so i might have to go to psu which i dont want to do
i mean i like the school and everything about it except the four year program(all the required classes that you would take in your first two years is spread out into four years into one class)

and thats a big thing to consider if you're going there
i thought that it would be good
but then i talked to some people who went/are going to psu and they hate the program
its just a bunch of busy work that you dont learn much from and it takes up all four years

im so lost
i seriously dont know what to do
i if i cant go to Oregon State
im definately not going to psu
i might just go to a community college and transfer to Oregon State

Avatar sk8outsidedabox
07-10-06 08:40
Awwwhh Snaps!!
Do you really want to go to OSU? Or are you just saying it because your family wants you to go there?

Have you concidered other schools like, an art school? Music school?

Well, it will come to you. No worries. A lot of people don't figure out what they want to do until like beginning/middle towards your senior year.

But make sure you sign up for scholarships. I got introuble for not signing up for any. Ha.

Avatar sara *
07-10-06 12:09
Have some tea.
You want to go to college? Then start using punctuation and capitalization!!!! 7th grade AIM talk is over!!
Avatar menice97
07-12-06 13:59
hahahhaha thanks sara

but ya i do want to go to osu
not because my parents want me to
they actually want me to go to psu because its close to home
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