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06-15-06 22:37
it hasnt changed since school got out...

06-03-06 14:27
good things never last
05-25-06 12:01



LA class in computer lab


i love my sweeite

uh huh

04-27-06 20:06
:( i'll just spare you from the jiber jaber. i just need a hug..
04-24-06 22:11
i hate it all
and im sick of it all
i wish i didnt care
but alas.. i do

im gonna try my best to not care
why is it such a big deal anyway? i honestly dont know why i get so annoyed by it or why i get so worked up about it. i should just NOT CARE

04-12-06 13:30
what a grand day it is
its sunny and beautiful
but im not allowed out!!!!

my mom sucks
03-28-06 18:17
is anyone there?
has everyone died?
there never seems to be anyone around or by my side

sheesh..its getting pretty sad
03-16-06 00:24
i hate having to sign in to this thing

i'll click on the thing that says "stay logged in" but after a couple of times it makes me sign in again

UGH im so lazy

and so frustrated
my stupid brother wont come home
and i need my homework in his car! RAAAH!!!

03-04-06 20:10
i just LOVE it when i make sacrifices for people and dont tell them that i did and feel good about doing such a thing and then getting SHUT DOWN or get lied to

02-27-06 18:37
im done done done moving all my stuff into my new house
its not completely organized though..
its quite messy..
but its about 1/4 done
i like my new house
it just needs some homie touches now and it'll be great

oh and my dad has yet to rewire my outlets so i can plug in my surge protector for my computer.. its making me nervous.. i just bought one of those three in one things so that you can plug in three holed plugs instead of two
so its probably dangerous

oh and have i mentioned that i love a boy?
ya hes real cute<3
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