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02-02-06 23:03
i own a magnificant boy who's muy muy cute<333333
yessss i own him mwahahaha<3 :)
01-20-06 22:12
most tiring week ever!

im dead now
01-16-06 01:28
i just cant fall asleep
i wanted to sleep early tonight
but its not working
so uh now im sitting in front of the computer downloading songs and eating ice cream

hehe and the ice cream is goood

oh and did i mention how in love i am? haha well ya im in love
and i've been the happiest little girl lately. i love it and i love him ♥ ♥
01-11-06 21:07
woah now..
im ACTUALLY sick
which rarely happens
but i sensed it coming
1. lack of sleep has been lowering the strength of my immune system
2. stressful times
-home life
-helping others with their problems
01-09-06 23:11
life is grand

minor flaws but a greater thing covers it up for me
12-29-05 23:09
what a cutie pie


i will be out tomorrow night on a date with my boo

12-28-05 14:07
i miss my wittle boi<3
12-27-05 00:05
i love you more than you know..
you say you love me more..but thats exactly what i think about my love for you

you make me smile when times are hard and seeing your smile makes me smile

you let me be happy and make me happy
cuz at home..i feel like im not allowed to be happy

thank you for coming into my life
and finding me through the big crowd
and choosing me from all the others
i love you
12-24-05 16:17

k bye
12-18-05 15:25

but its kinda lame cuz no one can drive now!!!!
so how are we children gonna play??
this is pointness
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